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Covid-19 | Let’s Flatten the Curve Together

We are feeling many emotions as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.


We are saddened by stories of people not getting the medical attention they deserve. We are all emotional seeing the compassion and creativity of our fellow people. We might all be overwhelmed with emotion worrying about our parents and grandparents and overwhelmed with information trying to keep up with the news. As we do our best to cope and navigate our new reality, we need to take stock and truly realize how much infectious disease matters. 


Most microbial speciesūĎĀčcreatures so small that we cannot see themūĎĀčare not detrimental to human health; however, a very small fraction of them can be deadly to humans. Controlling the infection of these deadly species is paramount to our healthcare system. It is simply not impossible to treat patients if the microbial infection cannot be controlled.


The question then becomes how can we treat microbial infections? Typically this involves identifying the source of infection and then prescribing medicine. As we are finding out, however, medicines are not one-size-fits-all solutions for patients. For example, some medications may induce allergies or simply not be effective for a patient. Moreover, some medicine can broadly, but inefficiently treat a class of infectious species while others are more effective but specific with what they can contain.


In the Lab Genomics infectious disease panels, we offer doctors and patients the opportunity to assess which medicines may work best for them and diagnose which infections they currently have. This information gives patients and their healthcare providers the best chance for effective treatment. These test results add value not just for the primary patients but also for subsequent patients. Others will not contract a disease because the primary patient was aware of them and treated them well. Others will not succumb to an even deadlier version of a microbial species because an inappropriate treatment to a primary patient allowed it to persist and mutate to evade the activity of a specific medicine.  


There’s much work to be done to prevent another pandemic like COVID-19. Much of it requires building infrastructure and instituting policy changes that will likely take years.


However, we all have an opportunity right now to harness the power of genetic testing and protect ourselves the best we can. Read our brochure or contact us if you would like more information. 


In the interim, please do your best to stay safe and healthy. #Flattenthecurve


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