As early as week 10, find out if your baby has an increased chance for chromosome conditions like Down syndrome.

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NIPT- Determine 10

Simple blood sample from mother to be at 10 week or greater gestation can predict fetal chromosome abnormality. Generally each individual have 23 chromosomes plus a pair of sex chromosomes. Any addition or deletion in chromosome (aneuploidy) can cause condition or disease. This detection is available without any risk of invasive procedure such as amniocentesis or chronic villus sampling.


Determine 10 test offers parents- to-be to obtain important information about the health of their developing baby at 10 weeks with little or no risk to their pregnancy. It also accepts egg donor procedure, if mother had one to achieve pregnancy. AS this assay only look at fetus chromosome.


Abnormality in chromosome:


21 detects    Down syndrome


18 detects    Edwards Syndrome


13 detects    Patau syndrome


Abnormality in Sex chromosome could detect:


-Turner Syndrome

-Klinefelter syndrome

-Jacobs Syndrome


Due to high sensitivity patients are comfortable declining invasive test based on determine 10 result and normal ultrasound.

Chromosomal abnormality is also determined on EMBRYO BIOPSY.  We provide training for embryo biopsy, or we can come to IVF clinic and perform biopsy. IVF clinic patient and physician can select healthy embryo for transfer, for healthy pregnancy and help ensure delivering healthy child.

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Revolutionizing healthcare with novel single cell genetics, Pre-implantation Genetic Screens (PGS) detect chromosomal abnormalities in embryonic DNA.

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