If you have chronic condition or disease, find out the chances of developing adverse drug reaction.

Paving the Way for Personalized Medicine

FDA role in new era of medical product development. 21st century evidence based medicine. Clinicians have observed that patients with similar symptoms may have different illnesses. “Personalized Medicine” tailoring of medical treatment to the individual characteristics, needs and preferences of each individual. Clinicians to utilize this information as relevant and usefulness of an intervention in patient care.


Likelihood of an intervention to improve patient outcome. NCBI and NIH informs as “one size does not fit all”

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Clinical Validity: Healthcare Utilization Better than Single Gene Phenotypes

Multiple gene analysis is practical vs single gene analysis - Predict and prevent multiple drug reaction. Multiple gene analysis will predict multiple drug dose efficacy.

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Simple and Informative

We provide results in in an easy-to-read format that is color coded to help guide patients when a dose adjustment or alternative drug should be considered.

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ADR- Adverse Drug Reaction

Statistical brief:


2011 ADR in US hospitals for healthcare cost and utilization Project shared origin of ADR Psychotropic Agents: ADR Originated (4.2%) ____ stay and 35% were present at admission. Cardiovascular Drugs- 29.4% were present at admission. Common 90% ADR were present at admission. There are some developed during hospital stay.

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Current Evidence of Clinical Utility

Current evidence of clinical utility justify for CYP450- heme protein- genetic polymorphism application. While human genome sequencing has allowed scientists to target gene analysis and assess to determine clinical management of an individual based on present or absence of gene variation

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Learn How To Request Tests


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Swab Collection

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Report Reading Instruction

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