Drug Metabolism

Drug metabolism also known as xenobiotic metabolism is the biochemical modification of pharmaceutical substances or xenobiotics respectively by living organisms, usually through specialized enzymatic systems. Drug metabolism often converts lipophilic chemical compounds into more readily excreted hydrophilic products.

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Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Simple blood sample from mother to be at 10 week or greater gestation can predict fetal chromosome abnormality. Generally each individual have 23 chromosomes plus a pair of sex chromosomes. Any addition or deletion in chromosome (aneuploidy) can cause condition or disease. This detection is available without any risk of invasive procedure such as amniocent

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Parent-To Be: Screening

Carriers of this disease carry one copy of the mutation. We inherit one copy of a gene each from our parents,leading to two copies of the gene in each person. This means that where a normal person has two copies of the gene, in a carrier they have one healthy copy and one mutated


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Covered by most insurers

At Lab Genomic, we’re working hard to make genetic information accessible to anyone who wants it. We’ve partnered with most major insurance companies to cover the cost of our screens. Chances are yours is one of them.

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Lab Genomics, LLC (LG) is focused on delivering individualized medical care through robust molecular and genetic diagnostics. Lab Genomics, LLC, was cultivated with the ideal in mind of providing state of the art molecular genetic testing with the end goal of the best quality of life possible for the patient.


Our goal is to provide cutting edge diagnoses giving physicians and patients the best tools and education for health care decisions. Ultimately having physicians and patients proactive in maintaining one’s health.

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